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Bid Farewell to these Trends in 2024

When it comes to online shopping and stuffing your wardrobe with new goodies, there is never enough. But there comes a time, especially when the new year is around the corner when we try to be a little smarter and try to downgrade the clothing situation in our wardrobe.

So what is it that we need in our wardrobe? With the number of trends chopping and changing from ballet flats to the colour of the season 'red'. What trends are sticking around for the long haul and which are just a here-and-now thing?

  1. Ballet Flats (but only specific kinds)

I'm sorry but these little MiuMiu ballet flats, yes are stunningly cute, and yes remind us of ballet when you were 4 years old. But these are probably not going to make it that far. Don't get me wrong there are a number of ballet flats that have been around and continue to be staples in our everyday wardrobe. It's just about picking the right ones.

miu miu ballet flats
Miu Miu Ballet Flats - image by Getty Images

2. Cowboy Boots

Now, I know we are on a bit of a shoe haul here, but cowboy boots thanks to Taylor Swift's, year-long era's tour, made a HUGE comeback. Even your resident LAZYGIRL moi bought into this trend. Don't get me wrong they have been used and abused throughout my travels this year, but I can see that this is super niche to where you live and the event you're attending. I don't see many aussies rocking these cowboy boots in Bondi Beach, let me just put it that way. However, Texas... is a whole other story. So I definitely would say, if you have them, keep them, if you don't... I wouldn't run to buy them.

cowboy boots
Cowboy Boots - Image by Getty Images

3. Cowboy Hats

Sticking to the cowboy theme here, cowboy hats have often been a trend throughout the early 2000s and have also come back to haunt some of us. I, obviously have one, but my excuse is that I was in Texas and I needed to buy a cowboy hat, or else. Similar to the whole, riding a bull thing. It was for the novelty, now, again, this is obviously dependent on where you live. Cowboy hats are a staple if you're from the South but do we all need one? No, is the answer to that question.

girl in cowboy hat
Cowboy Hat - Image by @cmcoving

4. Tennis Skirts

We all love them, and we all look great in them, but they are just not that cute... well I mean they are if you're playing tennis. But they aren't super functional when it comes to working out. I don't really think that we will be rocking tennis skirts come 2024, I think they had their moment and definitely whilst the tennis is on really became a hit. But in my opinion, I gotta figure out what I'm going to do with my pile of tennis skirts that I really didn't get much use of this year.

girl in white tennis skirt
Tennis Skirt - Image by thefashiontofollow

5. Skorts

Just saying the word makes me get the 'ick' but, hey, I'm guilty of owning a few of these. I honestly think they are child's play when it comes to dressing more maturely. Skorts were for school, it was so girls could play on the playground without flashing any boys their knickers, it was for modesty. Honestly, it's giving the same vibes as tennis skirts. My boyfriend is always confused by them and doesn't understand their function, so for me, it gets a thumbs down. Unless you are completely. covering the skort with an oversized blazer.

girl wearing skort
Skort - Image by CXO Media

6. Crop Tops

I'll give it to this trend, it has lasted a few years, but now since yours truly turned thirty-one, I found myself opting to show less of my skin. Not because I feel like I need to dress my age but it just doesn't give the same 'je ne sais quoi' to my looks. I'm sure this trend will continue to be around because you can't really avoid it. Every fast fashion brand is selling every version of a crop top, but I think if you want to elevate your style... then give this trend a miss.

crop top, bandeau top
Crop Top - Image by JACQUEMUS

7. Platform Sneakers

My personal favourite, I have these currently but they are on the way out... not because the trend is but because I've worn them so much the platform is falling apart. I have decided not to buy a new pair and move on with my life, accepting my 5'3 height for what it is. These sneakers are more for the younger girls out there, I think they are fun and cute but once you hit your thirties, I think we can all agree on getting a pair of Samba's or Veja's.

white platform sneakers
Platform Sneakers - Image by ASOS

8. Workout Onesies

Another trend I jumped on because I thought I looked so cute, but now I cringe. Look we are allowed to fall for trends and buy into them, that is the purpose of them. But come 2024 these workout onesies, I think will be staying in the wardrobe. So donate as much as you can, if you don't see yourself wearing them more than once a month, these athletic garments should be in the charity bin.

girl wearing black onesie
Onesie - Image by GC Images

9. Over-the-knee boots

Living in Australia has made it quite hard to bring out my winter clothes this year, but something I have noticed is that the over-the-knee boot, also known to my mother as F*** me boots haven't really made a comeback. I have a couple of pairs and I can say it isn't that easy to put together an outfit that doesn't scream 'pretty woman.' So these my friends, will be on the way out of my wardrobe for sure.

over the knee black boots
Over the knee Boots - Image by Glamour

Tyanna x


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