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Christmas Gift Ideas | Things she'll actually want

Christmas is less than four weeks away, which means a whole lot of money being spent on useless gifts that, let's be honest we both know, the receiver doesn't want and you just had no idea what to get them.

We feel obliged to get gifts at Christmas, even when your family says... 'no presents this year,' but what if you actually bought or received something useful that you really didn't know you'd need? There are so many stores these days, all selling things that you MAY think are a good idea, but are usually something that is re-gifted to someone else at a later time.

So I came up with a REAL GIFT GUIDE, for those of you who want ideas on what to get those you love (or don't) for Christmas. Oh, and they are all budget-friendly. 1. Disposable camera or a Polaroid camera something pretty universal that anyone would find useful, if you are on a budget just get a disposable camera, these are roughly $20-$40 and come with film already. You can also add a little photo album into the gift so they can put their photos, once developed. A polaroid camera can set you back upwards of $90 and is pretty novelty. Everyone loves to take pictures and get crafty with their polaroids.

2. Kindle

a little pricier than your everyday book, but if you know someone who loves to read, there is nothing better than a Kindle. I have one and I use it on a daily basis. Definitely something I'm glad someone bought for me. These are currently on sale and going for $159 at JB Hi-Fi

3. Eftpos Gift Cards or Gourmet Traveller Gift Card

If you have no idea what to get someone or have a specific budget, especially if it's a work colleague or a distant relative, you can't go wrong with an Eftpos Gift Card. These can be used pretty much anywhere and for anything. If you want to get a little more creative, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards are great for foodies. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, you can give them a night on the town with their significant other.

4. Apple Airtags

For the globetrotter of the group, get them a set of airtags, they won't be disappointed and you can never have too many. They range from $49 for one, so again, if you are on a budget, these won't break the bank.

5. Skincare/Pamper Gifts

These always go down a treat, if you get the right products. Please avoid the gift boxes at pharmacies as these usually don't have much creative thought behind it. I'd opt for Mecca Beauty, LUSH Cosmetics, T2, and Aesop as these are great brands with great products to suit anyone at any age.

Tyanna x


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