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Escaping the Burnout Trap

Doing too much and feeling burnt out! We all know the feeling. It creeps up when we think we're finally getting on the right track. But then it hits us like a tonne of bricks and we fall into this dark hole of uncertainty, whether we're on the right track or if, what we're doing is the right thing at this given time in our life.

I am writing this post today because this is where I see myself falling into, the next coming weeks if I don't make a change. I've been here before, so I think I know what I need to do. But in all honesty, I'm the type of person that naturally takes on a lot in life. I take on a million tasks, and I'm always the first person to help my friends and family in aspects of their lives. Sometimes having boundaries is harder than we think to implement. My 2024 plans were always to put my podcast out and to keep this blog going, and I knew this would be a lot of work, on top of that I work full-time and have a social life to upkeep. Don't be mistaken, I'm not a party animal, I am very much so, a homebody. But if I don't go out now and then, I'll turn into a crazy cat lady at home watching true crime documentaries. HA... that is no joke right there. Someone check her into a facility ASAP.

So before I completely spiral, I'm holding myself accountable. Firstly, by putting this post out there so that someone, you, can hold me accountable. So, I also have a reminder of the feeling I felt, at this exact moment, and try to not go back to this moment. Lastly, I need to make changes in my life so that these events don't occur regularly, I won't ever completely be able to erase this feeling. But I need to find better coping strategies so that I can still achieve my goals and dreams without getting to that burnt-out stage.

So here are some other strategies I find that help:

  • Put your phone in another room for some time (this can be 30 minutes, 3 hours)

  • Go for a walk, this sounds boring but it is something that distracts your mind, lets you be with nature, fresh air is always a good idea!

  • Eat healthier, go to bed earlier

  • Read a book, watch your favourite show (anything that helps you unplug)

The goal here is to do things that genuinely bring you happiness, and can get you those great endorphins and serotonin pumping through your body. Then you can always come back to your day and plan out what needs to happen to decrease your stress and burnout.

I know this isn't the typical LAZYGIRL post, but I thought it would be fake for me to put out a post that didn't represent me or what I stand for, which is authenticity. It's fine for us LAZYGIRL's to have our moment and not be bothered. So reach for that bed, turn that air diffuser on, make yourself a hot choccy, and speak soon.

Tyanna x


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