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Girls Serving Glam: Tennis Star Girlfriends Ace the Fashion Game

Tennis stars' leading ladies are acing the fashion game, becoming the newest style icons and influencers on and off the court.

Morgan Riddle, Taylor Fritz's girlfriend, dubbed "The Most Famous Woman in Men's Tennis" by the New York Times, Paige Lorenze, founder of Dairy Boy dating Tommy Paul, Ayan Broomfield, Frances Tiafoe's girlfriend, and Ivana Nedved, Sebastian Korda's girlfriend and daughter of Czech soccer player Pavel Nedvěd. These women are turning their behind-the-scenes experiences on the tennis tour into a career, offering fans a glimpse into the glamorous and demanding life of professional tennis.

Morgan Riddle at Flushing Meadows

The U.S. Open showcased this trend, with Lorenze launching her brand, Dairy Boy, in New York City, and others landing brand deals and sponsored content linked to the sport. Tennis influencers are not just spectators; they are entrepreneurs juggling the demands of content creation with supporting their partners on the tour.

Fashion, travel, and lifestyle content have become integral to the tennis scene, with these influencers playing a crucial role in shaping the sport's image. Alexandra Nikolajev notes, "The tennis aesthetic is super trending right now," and influencers like Riddle are capitalizing on this trend, creating their own lanes and engaging audiences with the behind-the-scenes aspects of tennis life.

The term 'WAGs' has evolved beyond its origins in British soccer to encompass partners of professional athletes in various sports. In men's professional tennis, it's the girlfriends of younger stars who are excelling as influencers. While some criticise the term for its sexist connotations, the space occupied by tennis girlfriends is growing more lucrative as interest in the sport expands globally.

Ayan Broomfield

Women dominate the tennis influencer space, with both girlfriends and women players finding success. The U.S. Open champion, 19-year-old Coco Gauff, stands out as a tennis player first and foremost, but her social media savvy adds another dimension to her star power. With tennis's growing popularity, especially among younger fans, the hunger for behind-the-scenes content, "get ready with me" videos, and shopping guides is on the rise. In this evolving landscape, tennis girlfriends are winning over fans with their unique blend of style, influence, and a peek into the glamorous world of professional tennis.

Tyanna x

Ivana Nedved


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