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In the Hot Seat: My Take on the RHONY Reunion PT1

Well well well... it's all happening!! (I stole that one from Scheana Shay), The very first Real Housewives of New York reunion Part 1 just came out and OMG!!!!!

Firstly, Jenna Lyons in denim, YASS! I am all for it, let them wear what they wanttttt, I want to see their real style come out not what producers pick out. That way we can really see who has the best style - duh! also, Erin getting hammered by the rest of the girls about being a gaslighter and shit-stirrer, isn't that part of the show though? Doesn't she make good TV then?

I'd say for a first season it was decent, I loved the fashions, and I loved the girls and their individual personalities. I like them showing off their businesses... I feel some other franchises don't do this as much but maybe that's because they have way more drama. I did find, however, that the drama was lacklustre... there wasn't much for them to fight about so it was like petty bull**** that they complained and argued over. It seemed so trivial in comparison to some bigger storylines on other housewife shows (affairs, embezzlement) you get my drift. I would say let's see what next season holds, I definitely don't want to see a new housewife in the mix, because I want to get used to these girls first... so definitely no re-casting for me, BRAVO! But, let's dig up some more deeper storylines. The only thing we got was that most of the cast didn't have a great relationship with their mums. But, really, that's it.

Let us hope Part 2 is a little tastier at this point. Oh and P.S. The outfits, all felt a bit disjointed, every other reunion has some sort of flow going on between the housewives, if the producers had any say on what the cast was wearing at least have some continuity amongst them. However, if they had free reign over what they could wear... this would make more sense.

Tyanna x


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