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LA for 2 days: Santa Monica & Venice Beach

I got to LA on Thursday night after a hefty 14-hour flight from Australia. Look, the flight wasn't bad at all. But you know I could have slept a lot longer. I watched one movie, May December with Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. It was based on the scandal of a former Australian teacher who fell in love and married her student. I think it's a slow burn, but decent. Especially if you are familiar with the story, the movie doesn't exactly go down the route that we all know and the storyline is quite different.

Once I got to LA, I ended up staying at a hotel close to LAX as I didn't want to be too far from the hotel as I was heading to NYC a few days later. I also wanted to save on Uber rides back and forth. This hotel had free shuttle buses to and from the airport, which I highly recommend if you are only in LA for a day or so. Breakfast was included- which I honestly think is soo underrated. I never opt for this, but when I think about it, it saves a lot of money and time thinking about what you want for breakfast. The weather was the biggest shock, FREEZING! I did not prepare for that at all. So I was pretty miserable for two days straight, although In-n-Out was nice to have. The two days went by so fast, I went to Venice Beach, bumped into a lot of Aussies, and then visited Santa Monica the next day. It was quite deserted and the vibes were not how I remember LA being. But maybe that's because I'm usually staying on Sunset.

Next on the agenda is NYC, I am currently here now writing this post while I sit at the cafe of my hotel. I am living my best life, the weather is beyond amazing but more on that in my next post.

Don't forget my posts aren't for me to rant about my trips and hacks, but I'm here to respond to any questions, queries, and comments you may have. And if you're wondering when LAZYGIRL PODCAST will be back, I'll be back for Season 2 in a couple of weeks!

Tyanna x


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