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Netflix and Chills: Our Top Flicks for Halloween

Hey crime aficionados and armchair detectives, gather 'round because we're about to tell you which movies are our top picks come this halloween. Move over rom-coms, step aside reality TV, there's a new sheriff in town, and they've got a blacklight and a magnifying glass.

  1. Smile - this is one of the best movies to have come out last year, if you like psychotic thrillers. Stream it on Paramount+

Smile Movie

2. Reptile - if you prefer the detective realm, than the newest movie to hit Netflix is your go-to, oh and Justin Timberlake is one of the leads. Stream it on Netflix

Reptile Netflix

3. Now if you prefer a series, I got you, here are my faves at the moment, I couldn't pick one! So you're welcome. Death in the Dorms | Stream on Disney+ These are stories on murders that happen to College kids in the US, while they are on campus. Betrayal: The Perfect Husband | Stream on Disney+ This story is crazy and actually has a podcast too, that details the story of this cheating husband, (I won't go into anymore detail because I'll ruin it)

American Horror Story: Delicate | Stream on Binge Now if you're already a fan of AHS, this surely doesn't disappoint, it does have some mixed reviews, because of its casting of Kim Kardashian! But I'm a fan so I love it.

Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence | Stream on Disney+

This was a whirlwind, real-time interviews, crazy stories that keeps on giving. I won't say any more, but lots of manipulation and grooming, of students, in this one.

Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story | Stream on Disney+ The story of a boy that gets kidnapped only to have a number of tragic things happen to his family later... obviously don't want to give too much away here.

God Forbid | Stream on Disney+ This is all about a scandal involving a pool boy... say no more!

I think I've given you quite a few things to do on the weekend when you're scrolling through your streaming service and wondering what am I going to watch? Let me know what you guys think of these flicks and leave a comment below!

Tyanna x


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