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TRAVEL HACK: Best Seats in Economy

My lovely ladies, I am back! I start every blog post with the same first few words about how I promise to be here and do this and do that. I just have to come to terms with the fact that it isn't the case. Even though I'm consistent and punctual with all the other shit I have going on in my life. Now, since I started the blog, record my outfits (petite girlies, hey) and try to edit my vlogs (**crying) its been hard to be consistent with the blog! Also, the fact that most of the time I think why would anyone care what I've been up to or doing :)

So lets, get into it, I will post another blog about my recent tardiness and what's going on but I realised after flying economy (yes, economy!) to the US last week that there are actually some decent seats that can get you some good rest.

So, before I begin I've been lucky enough to enjoy business class a few times... and let me tell you that doesn't help your ego at all. Here I am, expecting business each time I fly, but that's just the spoilt brat in me. So when this trip happened and I looked at my boarding pass and saw that I couldn't even get premium economy, the panic started to set in. I know I know... all of you will hate me after this blog post, but it's true! When you go back (flat-lay beds) you can NEVER go back.

Anyway, I managed to get an exit row economy seat (aisle, of course for bathroom breaks), I used to love the window but now I choose to stay hydrated throughout the flight and that means toilet breaks are much needed. So window seats don't work for me, especially on long-haul flights. So the best part about these seats is that no one is in front of you, basically it's a wall (I was sitting in the middle section of rows. On the wall in-front of you, there is a little pocket for the emergency plan, vomit bags, you know all that jazz. Well, I soon realised I could also use this section as a foot rest, so that I did. The other amazing thing is the extra space in front of you and around you. You don't feel like you're in economy at all. I had the bathrooms in front of me, which some may think is gross, I love it! I always knew when it was quiet or busy and when to use it. The 14-hr flight to LA was less like a nightmare and more like a dream (well, not really!)

My tips for flying, always pick a middle aisle section of seats (unless you love a window), most of the time these have an empty seat here or there, you can easily get out of your seat. Choose an exit row as you won't have anyone in front of you. Bid for an upgrade, these can end up costing you less than an actual seat in that class. Go premium, if you have the luxury, it's worth the price unlike business which is a bit of a steep for most of us.

Anywho, this post was just for me to offer my travel tips when choosing your seats. I hope this helps!! Stay tuned for more posts to come.

Tyanna x


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