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In the bustling metropolis of modern womanhood, where the clash of stilettos against pavement beats like a second heart, there emerges a beacon of sass and comfort - the LAZYGIRL blog. It's the lovechild of Carrie Bradshaw's whimsy and the unapologetic power of Miranda Priestley, wrapped in a cozy blanket of empowerment. Gone are the days when "lazy" was a four-letter word. Here, it's a badge of honour, a testament to the art of living life on your own terms. LAZYGIRL is not just a blog; it's a revolution, swathed in the softest tees and the comfiest loungewear, because who said fighting the patriarchy couldn't be done in yoga pants?

With a wink and a nudge, LAZYGIRL transforms the mundane into the fabulous. It’s for the woman who can lead a boardroom meeting without breaking a sweat, then come home, ditch the power suit for a hoodie and sweatpants, and binge-watch her favourite series like it's an Olympic sport. It's for the gal who believes in equal rights, equal pay, and equally large slices of pizza for all. LAZYGIRL is more than fashion; it's a manifesto wrapped in silk and sarcasm, declaring that yes, you can have your cake, eat it too, and not have to apologise for the crumbs.

So, to all the marvelous, magnificent "lazy girls" out there – the thinkers, the dreamers, the midnight snackers – this is your moment. Embrace the LAZYGIRL ethos with every fiber of your being (and wardrobe). Let the world know that your "laziness" isn't a lack of ambition; it's a carefully curated lifestyle choice. Because in the end, isn't life too short to spend it uncomfortable or, heaven forbid, boring?


Here's to living large, lounging luxuriously, and laughing in the face of anyone who dare say you should do otherwise. 

lots of love,



- Founder

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