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From Lemon Cars to Bouquet Grabs: My Whirlwind Return

Okay, it's been a hot minute... I am sorry, where have I been? I feel like this is just my personality to keep disappearing on you but I swear I'm back. I am, trust me! As Nicki Minaj would say 'I took some time off to rest and now it's game time bitches'..

But yes, I know it's annoying and I promise it wasn't because I didn't have anything interesting going on. I mean, I launched a whole PODCAST! Hello, The LAZYGIRL Pod, is now live and streaming... This was a huge undertaking and honestly is a consistent workload to put out a solo episode weekly and try to be relevant, entertaining, funny, upbeat, you know what I mean. Apart from that, it's just been a lot of shit going down, if you don't listen to my podcast then let me recap.

but first, why aren't you listening to my podcast?

Anyway, I launched that a month ago, so coming up with interesting topics has been on my mind. I've had an issue with buying myself a car that turned into a lemon and a lucky escape, you can listen to that on my latest Podcast episode or see my rant on TikTok. I've been working non-stop at my new tech job and been away every weekend at my boyfriend's place. So you know, obviously that takes some time away from the blog. I also went to an engagement and a wedding! And of course, your girl caught the bouquet, is that even a question? Was that even your question? Probably not. I've been catching up on all these BRAVO shows, because HELLO, how can you not? From Potomac to Miami to Beverly Hills, now Vanderpump is out and I'm about ready to plan my next trip to the US.

Yes, me, travelling again! I was overseas in September, so I think I'm due for a holiday seeing as we are basically in March (girl math, says that you don't count the month you're currently in, you always look to the next), so it is March and that means its been 6 months since my last trip. I know half of you will say OHH BE QUIET! 6 months is not a long time to wait. But it is for me. And since I am no longer getting the car of my dreams, Girl Math also says I can spend that money on a trip. You got to love GIRL MATH.

So that's where I've been, I've also tried to find myself in this industry and look at who I want to be, and I realised amongst all the aesthetic girlies, the funny girlies, and the IT-girlies, I am somewhere among them all. I want to be me, I can't be perfect and neither can my content.

So look forward to more raw posts like this one!

I will continue to fill you all in, 2024 is a time for blogs to come back! I see it happening! But also, check out the Pod, you're missing out, I promise you.

Tyanna x


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